Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pueblito de Los Dominicos (Artisan Market) - Santiago Chile

Pueblito de Los Dominicos is a lovely handcrafted artisan market in Santiago Chile.  If you have time in your schedule and like that kind of thing, I highly recommend it.  It is not your typical touristy junk shops, not by a long shot!

Even the area where the shops are is nice.  Of course, anytime I could see the Andes Mountains, I was in awe with the place automatically!

Pueblito de Los Dominicos Santiago Chile

Let me share just a few of the things that we saw as we walked around.

I am not sure if the peacock was for sale or just for decoration, either way he was fun to look at.

Peacock at Pueblito de Los Dominicos Santiago Chile

When we went it was very empty.  It was the middle of the week though, so that might have been the reason.  We were interested in the leather bags but there was no person around to talk to.  I am sure they were not far away, maybe just getting a coffee, but they were still absent.  Too bad, I really liked some of those bags!

Leather Bags at Pueblito de Los Dominicos Santiago Chile

Aren't these blue figures lovely?  The little donkey laying down in the front was my favorite.

Blue Figurines at Pueblito de Los Dominicos Santiago Chile

I just loved the curve these chimes create.  It wasn't windy so we didn't get to hear them, but I bet they make a lovely sound.

Wind Chimes at Pueblito de Los Dominicos Santiago Chile

My parting shot is of a fluffy cat perched on a bench as he just oozes cuteness!

Stray Cat on Bench at Pueblito de Los Dominicos Santiago Chile

It feels strange to write such a short post and I hope you don't take that as me not liking this market. We both liked it and were glad we had the extra time to visit.  In my next to last post about Chile I am going to share the details about our trip out to the national cemetery.  It was like nothing I have ever seen before!  I hope you come back to read all about it!

Until then!

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