Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sculpture Park Museum And The Costanera Center - Santiago Chile

I just loves sculptures, but I especially love them when they are outside.  There is just something about a sculpture park that makes me smile.  It just so happened that Santiago had one and we took a little trip to see it.  

Now it is usually never just a straight shot there. We usually have to walk a little.  It is a good thing too because those are the times when we stumble onto the most interesting things. 

We like to go into churches as we pass them to see the decor and artifacts (even if we have no clue what we are looking at).  As we walked to the Sculpture Park Museum we saw a church with its doors open.  As we walked up we discovered that it was not a Catholic church but an Orthodox Church called Iglesia Ortodoxa Santisima Virgen Maria.  

Iglesia Ortodoxa Santisima Virgen Maria Santiago Chile

We go in and yeap, it was an Orthodox church all right.  We have been to a Greek Orthodox church in San Antonio when they hosted a Greek festival and this one was set up the same.  

We we walked in all I was really hoping for was to get a picture like this and then be on our way.  I did get it but that is not all that happened.

Inside of Iglesia Ortodoxa Santisima Virgen Maria Santiago Chile

Here is what all happened....

We walked in and a priest (or clergy or something, I am not up on my Orthodox church positions) started talking to us in Spanish.  Well, we STILL don't speak Spanish so we didn't know what he was saying and of course, he didn't speak English.

I asked, "Photo, ok?"  That usually translates pretty easily.

He nodded yes and started motioning for us to go to the front of the church.  We thought he was going to show us something.  He took hold of Frankie's arm and lead him away from me positioning him in one spot. Then he came back to me and positioned me in another spot.  

We were not sure what was really happening but then he motioned for Frankie's phone and it all became clear.  He thought we wanted a picture of US with the wall in the background.  So folks, that is what we got.

Jennifer and Frankie at Iglesia Ortodoxa Santisima Virgen Maria Santiago Chile

I was trying not to laugh because of the miscommunication.  There was no way I could have looked at Frankie and kept it together.  I mean the man was being SOOO nice.  Even after he took Frankie's phone and backed up to take the picture he realized we were not situated just right so he walked back up and tweaked our positions for the perfect shot!

I mean come on!  It was just the sweetest thing for him to do for two American tourist who just happened to walk by!  We got our pictures wanted and unwanted and continued on down the road.

The sculpture park is just across the Mapocho River which has a wall along it throughout the city to help control flooding.  Many residences of Santiago are obviously very artistic as you can tell by the street art!

Street Art Along Mapocho River Santiago Chile

Most, if not all, of the sculptures in the park were created by Chileans.  Let's take a stroll through the park and check some of them out shall we?

I think I would skip riding a bicycle with these people.  They seem rather dare-devilish!

Bicycle Ride Sculpture Park Santiago Chile

An amazing feat of balance!

Diacronia Sculpture Park Santiago Chile

Lovely blue trees.

Pehuen Sculpture Park Santiago Chile

I am not so sure about this one.  It was a baby head, just the head, called Tami.


Tami Sculpture Park Santiago Chile

They were yellow.  They were a funky shaped. They were my favorite!

Semillas Sculpture Park Santiago Chile

Can headless angels get IBS??

Vuelo I Sculpture Park Santiago Chile

Talk about finding the needle in the haystack.  This one would be a breeze!

Ojo de Aguja Sculpture Park Santiago Chile

From the park we could see this lone skyscraper in the distance.  It is called the Costanera Center and is the tallest building in all of Latin American (2nd largest in the Southern Hemisphere).  

Mapocho River and Constanera Center Santiago Chile

"So what is in there?", you may be asking.

Well, let me tell you!  It is a six-story mall (plus office space and other things that no one cares about except those who work there).  This we had to see!

There was one sign that we saw as we walked towards the mall that just cracked us both up.

No Horns Sign Santiago Chile

We understood that it was to tell drivers to not honk in this area, but the horn they chose to use was comical!

By the time we got to the mall we were tired, hungry, and a little crabby.  Plus, as it turned out, a mall is a mall even if it is a nice one.  We did go all the way up to the top so I could take this one picture but that about covers our mall experience.

Fifth Floor Down Constanera Center Santiago Center

Back on the bottom floor they have a HUGE grocery store called Jumbo, but what we found interesting were the carts outside the store.

Jumbo Shopping Carts Constanera Center Santiago Center

We still are not 100% sure if that is LTS or ITS and either way we aren't 100% sure what it means. We did understand if you are getting a lot of groceries, use the big carts, just a little groceries, the small carts, and so on.

As we turned away from the baskets to leave we saw this word on a sign and had no idea what such a long word could possibly mean.  

Estacionamientos - Parking Sign Constanera Center Santiago Center

I am sure if you speak Spanish then you know, but we were clueless because we still don't speak Spanish.  I have Google Translate on my phone (a very valuable FREE tool when in a foreign country!) and had downloaded the Spanish to use offline.  Using that we discovered that the extremely long word simply meant "parking".  Estacionnmientos has SEVEN syllables just to say parking!

Speaking of Spanish words.  After the mall we stopped at a Chinese restaurant (I know, I know, but it is interesting to see their take on it!)  On the menu there was the word chapsui.

Chapsui -Chop Suey at Chinese Restaurant Santiago Chile

Any guesses as to what that one means?  It is easier than the word for parking, that is for sure!  It means chop suey and for some reason that makes me laugh.  

Our meal came with a side of fried rice and you will never believe what was in it.

Hot Dog in the Fried Rice at Chinese Restaurant Santiago Chile

HOT DOGS!!  I tell you, I think they tried to sneak hot dogs into every meal and I can't fathom why that would be!  Oh well, when in Rome (err Chile)....

I hope you have enjoyed this post.  As promised it was much happier than the last!

In my next post I will tell you about a hill.  It is much more exciting than it sounds, trust me!

Until then!