Monday, August 1, 2016

The Fun, The Funny, And The Odd - Santiago Chile

In my final post about our trip to Santiago Chile, I would like to share some of the things that just didn't warrant their own post but that needed to be shared.  So with no further ado, let's begin.

I am going to categorize this first section as "food".

There is street food and then there is street food!  We saw several of these type of set-ups, some were shopping carts, some were other types of push carts. 

Shopping Cart Cooker for Street Food Santiago Chile

All were cooking meat over coals and they all smelled wonderful!  Where else can you just be walking around, have a craving for some grilled meat on a stick, and have your wish fulfilled for a mere 50 cents per stick?  

Meat on a Stick Street Food Santiago Chile

We were both brave and tried some. I asked the guy if it was pollo (chicken) and he said cerdo (pork), either way it was some of the BEST meat I have ever had.  The seasoning was perfect, it had the smoky taste from cooking over the coals, and it was tender!  These people know what they are doing and we are still alive months later to tell you about it, so all in all a good experience!  In fact, it was so good that Frankie went back for a second one.

We didn't just eat street food, that would be silly.  In just about every restaurant we went in, there was this set-up like the one below.  There was salt, oil, lemon juice or vinegar, mustard, chili sauce, and ketchup. There was no black pepper and sometimes the chili was in the red bottle with the ketchup in the green. It became a game of smell-the-condiment with a second round of give it a little-taste-test when the first round didn't work.  If we were brave enough to eat street food, then blind taste testing of condiments was kid's play!

The Condiments in Most Restaurants Santiago Chile

One of the restaurants we ate at was a sushi place.  The presentation was outstanding and the sushi was delicious.  Do you see the fish shape?  

Sushi in Santiago Chile

Still in the category of food, but further removed from real food, we have the category of "junk food".

Isn't this the cutest candy ever??  It was a strawberry flavored gumdrop, the green part was plastic. We didn't eat the plastic. Not this time...not again.   (Kidding, we don't eat plastic ever!)

Strawberry Gummy Candy Santiago Chile

Of course, all around the world you can find American fast food but usually they aren't side by side like this Subway and Taco Bell.

Subway and Taco Bell near Cerro San Cristóbal Santiago Chile

Chile has it's own fast food places, of course.  This advertisement is from Telepizza and the pizza combo was so American I wasn't sure we had actually left the good ole US of A.  The combo is a personal size meat and tortilla chip (yeah, that's normal) pizza with a cheese filled crust bowl in the middle along with a small order of french fries and small drink all for around $6.  It doesn't get anymore "American" than that (except the fries and drink were a small)!!

Vulcano Pizza Ad for Telepizza Santiago Chile

Frankie decided that this was one combo he had to try!  Of course, the real thing never really looks like the advertisement, but Frankie said it was still good.

Vulcano Pizza Combo Telepizza Santiago Chile

Still in the junk food category, we are going to move to beverages now.

Isn't this the ca-u-tist  (cutest) little Coca-Cola delivery truck you have ever seen??  Precious!

Small Coca-Cola Delivery Truck Santiago Chile

Chile does produce its own carbonated beverages called Bilz and Pap.  They are two different flavors. 

The red on is called Bilz and I have no idea what it was suppose to taste like.  According to Wikipedia, it is an artificially flavored red colored fantasy soft drink.  It tasted as bad as that sounds.  Maybe it is because I don't regularly drink soda that I didn't like it, but really it seems that this was just bad.  I couldn't even finish the small.  (The normal around the world small, not the American small that is really at least a medium.)

Bilz Soda Santiago Chile

Not one to just give up, I decided to give the orange one called Pap a try.  It was suppose to be papaya flavored.  It was gross too.  But at least the names were cool!

Pap Soda Santiago Chile

Time for a  new category,  I call this one "people".

On the plane to Santiago I watched a travel show about Santiago.  In it, the host talked about these one man one band street performers who play the drums and cymbals as they dance and spin in circles.  While I thought it was neat, I didn't expect us to see them, but guess what...we did!!

We saw them on the same day the students were protesting, so when we heard a bunch of noise we just thought it was the students.  Much to my delight, it wasn't students at all but the spinning drummers, yes drummers with an s!  See for yourself and be amazed!

The drummers amazed us but do you know what amazes city people?  These people were all staring up and living in the world we do now, I was worried that something bad had happened.

An Owl was in the Tree Santiago Chile

As we got closer we realized what had them all captivated was....are you ready for this?

It was an owl.  Seriously, one owl.  Granted it was pretty but still, an owl.  Oh the difference between city folk and country folk.

Speaking of the difference.  City folk seem to have a much smaller bubble of personal space, probably because there are so many more of them packed into an area.  I have two stories along this theme.

The first one was when we were on the subway one afternoon and it was packed.  I am talking Packed with a capital P!  

Somebody was touching me on all sides with some part of their body. (No hands or I would have been hollering! Thankfully, Frankie was in front of me facing me!) I was accidentally sexually harassing some guy because my arm was touching his butt. Two guys reached over my head to hold on to the pole. Frankie's arm was right in my face as he tried to hold onto the pole. The girl behind me was using me as a wall to lean her full body weight on. 

No one really needed the pole to hang onto, there was nowhere to fall we were packed in there so tight!  It wasn't like that when we got on or we wouldn't have gotten on!

It was hot, sweaty, and gross. 

AND people just kept getting on!!

When we got to our stop, Frankie had to lead the way while holding my hand to make sure I got out too.  He bullied his way out and even in his wake I had to push people hard to get out too!  It was CRAZY!!  I couldn't even concentrate to tell people sorry in Spanish, but I was saying "sorry" over and over in English.  I hope they understood, but it didn't seem to phase them.

City folk...

Second story.  On the day of the student protest, there was a water line break that shut down the red line of the metro system.  Of course this is one of the main lines that a ton of people use.  The only choices left if you didn't own a car were to walk, grab a cab but good luck with that, or Pack (with a capital P again) yourself  into a bus.

Packed Bus Because Metro Was Closed Santiago Chile

I wasn't going through that again!!  So we walked and walked and walked.  

One neat thing about Santiago is that on Sundays for part of the day they block off many lanes of the main streets to allow for pedestrians and bicyclists.  There were even signs on the streets that translate to "Sundays, the city is for the people".  

Sunday the City is for The People Signs Santiago Chile

New category called "stray dogs".  

There are a ton of stray dogs in Santiago and Valparaiso (cats too)!  Not a one of them looked like they were suffering or starving.

There were even places where a person could buy a little doggy jacket to put on the strays.  There were a lot strays with these little jackets on them!

This little guy had a jacket AND a chew bone!

At least I think that is what he was gnawing on.....I hope that is what he was gnawing on....

Stray Dog with Blanket and Bone Santiago Chile

You know what?  Even city dogs act different than country dogs.  With country dogs everyone is either a friend or an enemy.  City dogs just don't care.  They aren't friendly, they aren't mean.  They  make the people walk around or step over them because they don't move!  (Cat's are like that no matter where they are from!)

Here are just a few of the stray dogs we saw while in Chile.

These guys were hanging out near Cerro San Cristobal.

Stray Dogs near Cerro San Cristóbal Santiago Chile

This guy was guarding the cemetery.

Stray Dog Cementerio General Santiago Chile

This one was hanging with the police who were out in force during the student protest.

Carabineros and Stray Dog During Student Protest Santiago Chile

Last one, this not so little guy was near the funicular at Cerro San Cristobal just snoozing away in a box.

Stray Dog in Box Cerro San Cristobal Santiago Chile

New category called, "signs".

These pretty much speak for themselves.  I have no background information on them.  All I can do is translate. (Thanks to Google because I still don't speak Spanish!)

This one says "The important thing is winning over oneself".  I think that is a Chilean soccer player.  He looks like a soccer player at least, but beyond clue.

Soccer Player Riding Dinosaur Street Art Bellavista Barrio Santiago Chile

This one says, "My name is Chaos".  I think it is very self explanatory!

Me Llamo Caos (My name is Chaos) Street Art Bellavista Barrio Santiago Chile

If it is on Facebook then it MUST be true and we must repeat it loudly and often!  See, even I understood this one!

Facebook Street Art Santiago Chile

Black Sabbath will hold their last concert in history in November!  Get tickets while you still can!

Black Sabbath Concert Poster Santiago Chile

We also saw a sign for an Elvis concert but I never got a picture of that one.  Something seems fishy there....

Last category and I am going to call it "miscellaneous".  There is only one picture to share in this category but it was just too pretty of a picture to leave out.

Just look at all that yarn!  Just look at all those colors!

Yarn Store Santiago Chile

What a beautiful photo to end on from such a wonderful city (minus their sodas) like Santiago!

We had a fabulous time and would go back in a heartbeat.  I hope you have enjoyed reading about our trip as much as we enjoyed going on our trip.  I have a few other things to post about from summer.  I hope you come back to read them as well.

Until then!