Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Teepee Motel And RV Park - Wharton Texas

Since we took the looong way to Houston we didn't want to drive the entire way in one day.  We made plans to stay at the Teepee Motel and RV Park in Wharton, Texas.

"Why?" you may ask.

"Well why not??" is my reply!

First, some history. The motel was open in 1942 and served people traveling in that area for around 40 years.  When a new interstate was built less and less people stopped by until it had to shut its doors in the 1980's.  It sat sad and abandoned for years until Byron and Barbara Woods won the lottery! They purchased the property and reopened it for business in 2006 delighting people for a decade.

Now let's look at some pictures!

I am not sure if this is the original sign, but the neon welcomes visitors today (at night only though....duh).

Sign of Wharton Teepee Motel and RV Park

They have this great big arrows scattered around.  This one just happened to be in an even larger rain puddle.  I like the way that the photo turned out.

Arrow in Puddle at Wharton Teepee Motel and RV Park

It rained a lot of our trip, but that was OK, because it really kept the temperatures down.  I am talking Houston in late July when it is normally hovering around 100 F with 100% humidity.  On our trip it was in the high 70's but still with high humidity, we will take it!!

Now for the actual teepees!  Frankie took this great panoramic shot!  (If it looks strange, click on it to see the full photo in Flickr.)

Wharton Teepee Motel and RV Park

Here is a closer shot of one of the teepees with me in front of it for height reference.  They were not canvas, but rather a stucco or concrete.  I don't know, I teach math, what can I say. 

Jennifer at Wharton Teepee Motel and RV Park

Inside there was air conditioning (very important!), a small bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet, a queen sized bed, and a small living area with a couch, coffee table mini fridge, and microwave.  For the life of me I don't know why I didn't take more photos of the inside (the website has more) but I did get one of the bed.  The only reason for that though was because I really liked the bedspread!

Bed Wharton Teepee Motel and RV Park

I did take one other picture of the inside but it is of the ceiling to show the shape of the room.  I want to say it was octagonal inside and I really really approved of that!  (It's the math teacher in me, what can I say?)

Inside Teepee at Wharton Teepee Motel and RV Park

The final picture is of the postcard from the Teepee Motel.  

Postcard Wharton Teepee Motel and RV Park

We got there after dark and this was the first photo I had to share with everyone about our adventure.  The rest were all taken the next morning before we took off to Houston.

Hey speaking of Houston, my next post will be about something we actually did IN Houston!  I am going to tell you a place called the Art Asylum.  I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back to read all about our time in Houston!

Until then!